Competitors must comply with the laws of animal protection in force in Italy.

The use of electrical devices and collars with goads is prohibited by FCI regulations and by law.
The use of these items will result in disqualification.
Only healthy dogs may participate.
No dog may have bandages during the trial.

Emergency service and veterinary emergency
A veterinarian will be available during the entire event.

Microchip control
The identity of the dogs of the participiants will be checked by persons authorized by the judges.

Introduction from EU countries
Dogs being brought to Italy by an EU country require an EU passport and must be identified with a microchip or, if born before 03/07/2011, a readable tattoo.

Rabies vaccination is required and must be carried out in accordance with Annex III of Regulation (EU) 576/2013. The conditions laid down for the introduction of dogs, cats and ferrets into Italy by the Member States can be consulted on the EU website in the area dedicated to the movement of dogs, cats and ferrets on Website Ministry of Health

Introduciotn from third countries
The rules to be followed for the introduction in Italy of animals up to a maximum of 5 vary depending on whether the country is included in the list drawn up by the European Commission and published in the annex to the EU Regulation 576/2013. The list can be consulted on the European Union website.
Dogs introduced from a third country included in the list shall be provided with the health
certificate set out in annex II to the Commission implementing decision 2011/874/EU of 15
December 2011 issued by an official veterinarian of the Competent authority of the third country ‚Äčand identified by a legible tattoo if affixed before 03/07/2011 or a microchip. The health certificate must be attested to the vaccination against rabies and, where appropriate, of a new vaccination in the course of validity. In case of first anti-rabies vaccination must spend at least 21 days before you can move the animal.

Dogs introduced from a third country not included in the list must be identified by a legible tattoo if affixed before 03/07/2011 or a microchip with a health certificate which, in addition to the execution of vaccination against the Rabies and, where appropriate, a new vaccination in progress, it is also attesting that it has been executed with favourable results, at a laboratory approved by the European Commission, of the Test against rabies virus.
The above rules are indicative.

Please refer to the website of the Italian Website Ministry of Health