Birthdate:                               02. September 1973

Occupation:                            Foreman / enterpreneur

City / country:                        Zeihen / Switzerland

Handler activitiy:

As far as I can remember, dogs have always played a big role in my life. First we had a dachshund as a family dog. Later my parents bought a Golden Retriever, with which I made my first experiences in dog training in 1988. This led to a fascination that lasted until today. I worked with the Golden Retriever in the companion dog and rescue dog. In 1994 I bought my first Malinois, I worked with him in the IPO 3 class and as a military dog. Then I trained a few dogs and participated in competitions.

Helper activity:
In 1997 I was awarded the license for helpers. Since then, as a helper I have had the honor to take part in more than 130 competitions within associations, numerous national championships, as well as in 2001 the FMBB World Championship and 2004 the ISPU World Championship. By now I am no longer active as an examination helper, but I am glad to be able to use my experience in the National Helper Training and to still be able to train dogs of all breeds in the sporting dogs and service dogs sector.

Activity as a judge:
In 2004 I obtained the judicial license in the sports dogs and in 2007 the service dogs fields. As a performance judge I have been able to evaluate dog teams during numerous national and international qualification tests and championships in Switzerland, as well as in Russia, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, Japan, Croatia, Greece, Taiwan and Germany. The highlights were certainly my activity at the FMBB World Cup 2012/2015, the Boxer World Cup 2012/2014, the ISPU World Cup 2013/2018/2022, the FCI FH EM 2013 as a supervisor, the FCI FH World Cup 2015 and the FCI IPO World Cup 2017.

I would like to sincerely thank the Organizer for their confidence in me and the invitation.
I wish the dog handlers a optimal preparation and many success at the competition.

Mike Greub